About Me

I’m Jess.

I’m a newlywed, a semi-recent (half) graduate from Bible college (I’ll share more about this later), and a small town Idahoan. I was raised by my grandma and homeschooled for most of my early education.

The Happiest Day photo credit Victoria Greener Photography
photo credit Victoria Greener Photography

I’ve had more jobs than I’d like to admit and am still getting paid less than I’d like to accept. None of this seemed to be an issue until recently, but now I’ve got a craving that just can’t seem to be satisfied by daydreaming. While I’m still working to call my desires by name, I do know that they are big.

I’m gonna go places, dammit!

Every day is one more step into dreaming and craving even more for myself as I learn my worth and see more of my potential. This process can all be boiled down into a pretty little package called “Soul Searching” and comes complete with hobbies and interests to top off a messy little life that I’m learning to love.

I’m growing more and more excited each moment to share myself with you, right here on this blog. You’ll be able to learn more about me through the things I love. Some of the things I will feature include photos, fashion/make up tips, homemaking, decorating, and wedding planning and event design.

Along with the sweet will also be a little sour, because life just wouldn’t be complete without the two. I’ll be using this space to share my struggles and journey to healing from mental health issues, spiritual crises, love, loss, and friendships.

This is my opening-up party, a celebration of sorts that I’ve finally allowed myself to receive and contribute beauty and love and joy and growth.

Welcome to Peonie and Pine.


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