Why Peonie and Pine?

Hey there readers! I just wanted to give a short-ish explanation of why I chose the name “Peonie and Pine” for my new blog space.

Obviously, peonies are THE most beautiful flower of all time. (Second are Tulips, and third are daffodils.) I LOVE bright pink peonies, or peach, or white…just any really.


I didn’t really want to be super symbolic with my blog name but people do love finding meaning in the little things, so I did consider this when choosing mine. Peonies are pretty and girly and feminine and at this time in my life I am really trying to find out how to be comfortable with my girly side without feeling guilty for falling right into a stereotypical gender-norm. I can be unique and badass and still be girly and prefer the color pink over blue. But I can also love green and still be ultra-feminine. It’s all about what I like and I just so happen to really love pink peonies and forest pines.

So we’ve got the pretty part of Peonie and Pine, the next part I guess would be adding in the…masculine? I didn’t really intend on having that as the main contrast in the name but it kind of looks like that is where this post is going. Pine really just symbolizes the bitter and spiny parts of life that will most certainly make their way in here sometimes. Along with the aromatic, flowery moments in life there are always those thorns and nettles that just can’t be ignored. I’m still healing from the ones I’ve encountered and one of the best ways I’ve found to do that is through writing and being public with my story.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t also paying homage to some notable people, places, and things with the title I chose.

My favorite song ever is Petals by The Honorary Title. Peonies come to mind when I think of this song and it just makes me feel happy and empowered and positive, even though it’s kind of a sad sounding song.
“Nothing you say can or will ever penetrate
These walls that I create
When you spew that barrage of insulting words”

Pine is a salute to the beautiful wilderness that is the Pacific Northwest. I’m from Idaho, have lots of loved ones in Oregon, and recently fell in love with Seattle and the surrounding area. I think I’ll always be happy in this part of the States.

Last but not least, THE Blair Waldorf from the best show of all time, Gossip Girl. My bridesmaids all said “We love you, Blair” in their toasts to me and it made me the happiest bride ever. I DEFINITELY had peonies in my bouquet because I needed to be like Blair.

Bridal Bouquet by Johnson Floral - Boise, ID
My beautiful bouquet by Johnson Floral – Boise, ID

Until next time,

xoxo Jess

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