31 Day Blog Challenge AND Giveaway!

Today is day 4 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge. The topic is “favorite childhood memory.” Sheesh,  why is it that when you really need to recall things you can’t? I was trying to think about this a bit earlier and while I can come up with some memories, I can’t decide what my FAVORITE is.

I was an only child and did a lot of entertaining myself. I had a pretty wild imagination and played a lot of “pretend”. I could make my dolls and toys talk to each other for hours. I was also homeschooled for most of my childhood and almost all through high school so to say I had a lot of time to devote to my talking Barbies and Beanie Babies is an understatement to say the least. With that being said, I’m sure you can only imagine how amazing it was when I ended up getting to go play with friends.

Beanie Babies – your90s.com via BuzzFeed

 I would say some of my best childhood memories      are from playing at my friend Lindsey’s house. She  has 6 sisters and they are all pretty close in age.  Now since I have no siblings, you throw me into  their playroom in their basement with all the  dress-up clothes and toys you can think of, I was  pretty much in kid heaven. There were enough of  us to play basically any role in any game of make- believe.

We played our own renditions of Little House on the Prairie, Doctors, Amusement Park, Orphans in an Orphanage, Prince and Princess, Indians, Horses, and any other animal that we decided could talk.

I remember one really epic game of make-believe where Lindsey and I were these pitiful orphans that escaped from the nasty orphanage headmistress (her older sister Amy, I think?) and we were hiding and making forts out of hay bales in their hay barn up in the loft. That was so fun. We actually had some tunnels going on, and secret entrances. Then we were rescued and adopted by the nice rich lady (her older sister Bobbie, I think?) who let us wear whatever awesome dress we wanted and attend a ball. Then we met princes, (also Amy and Bobbie who were famous for playing multiple roles) and we all lived happily ever after.

Photo found on http://www.indigenous.com via Pinterest

These all of course involved some heavy acting, dramatic meltdowns, hurling ourselves onto the ground with fake (or real) tears, some real life fights over who plays which role, breaks for lunch, chore intermissions, and often ending in sleepovers. Those girls were probably the closest thing I ever had to sisters. I’m  really grateful every time I remember how much fun we had and how many adventures we went on in our very own yards and how much time we DIDN’T spend watching TV. Cheers to you, girls!

What was your favorite Make-Believe game?


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The prize will be a box of goodies, handpicked by me! It’ll be things from local shops in Boise, ID, something(s) handmade, and other fun surprises. You WILL like it. I promise! See you next time!

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