31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 5

Happy Monday! Can I just tell you guys first how proud I am of myself? I got up and out of bed, showered, hair and makeup, went to the bank, picked up coffee creamer at the store and made it back home by 10:00am?! That never happens. I did the thing!

I hope all of your weekends went well and that your Monday started off just as nicely as mine did. Now, onto today’s 31 Day Blog Challenge prompt.

Favorite Movies You Never Get Sick of Watching:

There are in no specific order because I am just SO awful at rating things. I just love what I love and that’s all.

  1. Fever Pitch – I actually said in my wedding vows that I promise to love Connor as much as Jimmy Fallon’s character in Fever Pitch loves the Red Sox.

    Emily Lockard via Pinterest
  2. Lilo & Stitch – “This is my family. It’s small, and broken, but still good.” It just makes me cry! And it makes me laugh. And it’s wayyyyyy better than Frozen.

    tumblr user petitepluum
  3. Uptown Girls – I don’t know why, but I’ve always been a Brittany Murphy fan, R.I.P. She’s not the best actress or anything, and somewhat typecast, but I think she’s cute and she’s a mess and I relate to her on some level. Pair her with Dakota Fanning who’s always been amazing and you’ve got one of the best feel-good chick flicks ever. I mean, some of the movie is sad, but that’s the thing about chick flicks that make me feel good….somehow. And I don’t think I could ever pass up a movie with a cute pig.
  4. Harry Potter – Do I need to explain? They transcend every holiday, any mood, any occasion…perfectly cast, beautiful soundtracks, scenery, action, romance, nostalgia. Harry Potter is everything.

    Warner Brothers via BuzzFeed
  5. HappyThankYouMorePlease – If you haven’t seen or heard of this movie, you need to. Now. It has some of the best lines of any movie. It’s got a lot about gratitude and expecting goodness for yourself, treating others well, doing the best thing for yourself, and not running away from love. Watch it please.
  6. The Notebook – I know, I know. But I just can’t help it. I love Rachel McAdams and I love Ry Gos. I’ve seen this movie probably about 100 times. I’ve even watched it with the commentary. I just can’t quit this movie.

    New Line Cinema via BuzzFeed
  7. A Lot Like Love – I don’t know if many people have seen this one either. I don’t know if it was very popular when it came it. It’s about a guy and a girl who keep meeting at the wrong time. What they have is undeniable, but the timing is never right. It’s just so cute and they are funny and the music is great. This movie made me love Aqualung. Which you should also look up if you haven’t heard before.

Okay, I know that most of these are chick flicks. I DO like other genres of movies, but these are the ones I could play on repeat forever. Here are some honorable mentions with no explanations:

Fantastic Mr. Fox
MoonRise Kingdom
Scott Pilgrim
Mean Girls
Five Year Engagement
Emperor’s New Groove
He’s Just Not That Into You
Finding Nemo
Father Goose (Old Carey Grant movie)
The Kid (with Bruce Willis)

What are some your favorite movies?

If you need a movie for a specific mood you’re in, check out Madi’s post for today. You can find her link below.

If you missed yesterday’s post, then you may have missed your chance to enter the GIVEAWAY! Just click there on that link and enter away. You can also find a giveaway tab on the Facebook Page

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