31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7

What is your dream job?

I really don’t even know how people know what they want to do. But I totally respect people who know or are doing their dream job. I envy those people a little bit. But they also deserve a high five and a standing ovation I think. Before I let you know what my dream job is, I want to celebrate some women that inspire me and give me hope to find MY dream job.

Danielle LaPorte

Photo credit: Catherine Just

If you have never heard of The Desire Map I suggest you go out and start doing your homework right now. Actually, no. Just go buy it. You’ll like it, I promise. Danielle designed this book to be a way for people to plan their life and make decisions based on how they want to feel rather than what they want to get. Not only do I love the “curriculum” but I also just freaking LOVE Danielle LaPorte. She is a powerhouse of a woman and loves to celebrate herself and others. If she wants something, she does something about it. If she wants to make something, she makes it. She is an encourager, a believer, a fire, and she is in charge of her own life. She has books, podcasts, journals, daily planners, art, phone apps, and a global community of people that admire her and respect her. She’s living HER dream.

Blake Lively

I know it might seem silly to admire an actress for having a dream job. Of course being an actress is a dream job. She’s famous, has a famous (and hot) husband, and she’s beautiful. Oh my gosh, she is so beautiful. But she’s more than that. She is a dreamer, a hard worker, a girl with values and morals that go beyond looking good and being in the spotlight. She is a doer, a philanthropist, and a believer of good. She is hungry, curious, interested in stories, inspired, creative, and desires connection. She’s the kind of entrepreneur I admire because she is gentle, graceful, and humble. But at the same time, everyone knows she’s got power and she could basically accomplish anything. I feel like she can, but I don’t even attribute it to her money. I just feel like it’s within her and I can get behind that for sure.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad’s Facebook Profile Photo-11/12/14

Okay, dream best friend right here. I would friend LC so hard. I watched Laguna Beach and The Hills like it I was going to church. Of course LC was my favorite, but I also love Whitney. Lauren is the ultimate girl though. Funny, sweet, creative, nice. She’s really got the whole package. I know she had more connections than the average girl, but she also didn’t waste them. She worked hard, did what needed to be done, and she worked her way up. She’s in charge now. She IS her own brand. Girls look up to Lauren for basically anything. Lauren is a visionary and knows her way around not only her business, but also her relationships. I know she had her time of being dramatic but she’s normal. And she helps normalize other girls. All while never losing her class or badmouthing anyone. Plus the girl is wise:

giphy.com via BuzzFeed
giphy.com via BuzzFeed

All of this is to say that I don’t really have one dream job.

I want to be a woman who does anything she wants.

I want to have a successful blog and write about everything I love.

I want to be my own boss and work really hard.

I want to have relationships that strengthen me and reflect my strengths back to me.

I want to create and design and invent in ways that make me feel good.

I want to travel and connect with people and share my gifts with them.

I want to do good for others while loving myself.

I want to have a message and preach it.

I want to be freaking awesome.


Lauren Conrad – Photo Diary


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