31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8

Whew! I can’t believe I wrote every day for an entire week and I’m about to do it 3 more times. You guys, I NEVER do that. Correction, I’ve never DONE it, but now I am.

Since my most recent difficult bout with depression I have had the toughest time motivating myself to do much of anything. So, successfully completing a full week of the 31 Day Blog Challenge is quite an accomplishment.

Here is the photo for the challenge. Please feel free to link up with me and join in on the challenge.

Credit to fabulousfindsbytiffany.com found via optimisticmommy.com
Credit to fabulousfindsbytiffany.com found via optimisticmommy.com

There you have it. Day 8 is Biggest Pet Peeve.

Oh man…I don’t even know.

I guess I would have to say that at the moment my biggest pet peeve is every bad customer. I work at a dry cleaner so I don’t get the typical retail comments. But by customers still act like annoying customers. They just say stupid, stupid things. And are so rude. Ugh. Here is a list of my least favorite “customer-isms”

  1. “If it doesn’t scan, that means it’s free right?”
    No. You know that I’d literally be committing a crime if I just gave you your crap for free right? Go away.
  2. “Would it help if I looked too?”
    Do you know how we’ve organized all of these thousands of shirts? Then, no. No it wouldn’t help if you looked too.
  3. “That shirt right there looks like mine.”
    Oh, that plain blue shirt next to this other plain blue shirt and that entire order of 4 plain blue shirts looks like your plain blue shirt? Do you know how many men wear plain blue button up shirts in the exact same shade? So many that no one would be able to pick their own plain blue shirt out from a line up or other plain blue shirts.
  4. “I just called to see if my stuff is done. I know my ticket says they’ll be done at 6:00pm but I just wondered…”
    So, you thought that calling at noon would be a good time to check on your order that’s due in 6 hours? And then you get upset at me for not having it? I’m sorry I did not anticipate you needing your blazer 6 hours before the time it is due even though I asked you “Do you need this sooner than 6:00pm on ______day?”
  5. Do you need a copy of your receipt?
    “No thanks.”
    *cancels printing receipt*
    “Actually, is it too late? I would like a copy.”
    *sigh* No, it’s not too late. Let me retype this information so I can print a second copy of this piece of paper that you’re going to throw on the floor of your car.

Well, that’s about enough pet peeves for today. What are some of your biggest pet peeves?


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