Fashion Haul: Forever21 and Plato’s Closet

fashion haul

I’m bored of all my clothes!

I’ve been trying to pare down my closet and have been giving bag after bag full of hand-me-downs to my neighbor in a desperate attempt to simplify my closet and rid myself of anything that isn’t flattering or something that I enjoy or is useful. I had an overflowing closet with things that I felt would be impossible to part with. Like, t-shirts from college. A college I didn’t even like. I don’t even like t-shirts. WHAT? I don’t even know what I was doing.

Anyway, my closet is a lot smaller now, but still not as refined as I’d like it to be. Since I got rid of some stuff that was just…not right…I treated myself with more clothes. Somehow the clothes math adds up.

I’m on a mission to get rid of stuff and add stuff until I have an almost entirely new wardrobe that is functional and versatile. Anyway…

Wanna see what I bought? 😀

Plato’s Closet Finds:


L.A. Hearts Faux leather skirt. I thought, will I really wear this? But it’s black and it’s a-line. So, yeah I think I will. Black is so easy to pair with anything and having the leather will add an edge to my look that I always try for and don’t really have. I think I’ll still be able to look really feminine while also feeling really badass.


Forever21 – Lately I’ve been trying to make my look a little more vintage/rockabilly and 1940’s styled. I’ve done bumper bangs a few times and victory rolls. I’ll post some pictures of that in a later post. Anyway, I think this will quickly become a staple in my wardrobe with that style in mind. I’m excited to find a cute pair of wooden wedges to wear with this.


This dress is made by a brand called Whispers. I’ve never heard of it and couldn’t find anything about it online. I really just want to start wearing dresses and skirts more often and this was really flattering and a little different than the dresses I already own. I’m looking for items that are casual enough to wear daily at work but nicer than just wearing jeans and a cardigan. Not that I don’t love some good jeans. I just don’t like not having anything besides that to wear.


Up close you can see the cute owl print.


I only picked this dress up because Chelsea told me too. I’m really glad I did because this dress is cuuuute. I love the bottom of it and that’s what really did it for me. The sequins look so weird without the overlay so I’m glad it is the way it is. It looked perfect with a belt thrown on over the top. This isn’t normally the silhouette I would wear, but I’m trying to get out of the box I’ve put myself in. I think I’ll wear this to some holiday events. It’s from another brand I’ve never heard of called Hem & Thread


Good ol’ exhilaration from Target. Fits like a glove. The lace is heavy and I really like that. The lining is soft and stretches well which is great for my top half. It lays really nicely and I think this could easily become a weekly favorite.

Forever21 Finds:


This SWEATER! I’m too excited! The possibilities are endless. I can wear it with floral, which I will. With any color, skirts, jeans, tucked in, oh my gosh. I’ll probably do a post of outfits with just this sweater. Much excite.


I was wearing these today and didn’t want to take them off to take a picture. These were the first thing I put on after my big purchase. I’ve already worn them twice. Forever21 is the only place I buy my leggings now. They fit me better than any other brand. These are a little heavier than their basic leggings which is perfect because it just snowed here.

excuse the wrinkles and the lint :/

All of the cashiers told me this dress would be life changing. It totally is. I searched everywhere for a SIMPLE black dress. I could only find really revealing ones for the longest time. But this one is life changing. I needed something I could wear a million different ways and potentially multiple times a week and this is it.

Once I clean out my closet even more, I’ll probably try and cycle through my entire wardrobe in about 2 weeks tops. One load of laundry per week, half of my clothes in each load and I’ll just rotate. This is of course just an idea. I’ll be sure to update later on how that plan goes.

Overall I’m very please with all of my purchases. Make sure to subscribe to get my posts in your email so you don’t miss any of my posts where you see these pieces as outfits.

Stay classy,

xoxo Jess

4 thoughts on “Fashion Haul: Forever21 and Plato’s Closet

  1. I love all of the dresses you picked out! And Forever 21 is one of my favorite places to shop. You’re giving me a shopping-itch, now. And that’s an itch I can’t afford to scratch, so please. 😉

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