31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 10

Good afternoon, beauties! I am finally up and ready for the day at…2:45pm. It’s okay though, because it’s Sunday. Today was a day of total rest until it was time to take my husband to work. We are down to one car at the moment because it snowed A LOT and my husband drives a Mazda Miata. So I’m taking and picking him up from work until the snow melts a bit.

Anyway, today isn’t the best example to use for today’s 31 Day Blog Challenge post: Your Daily Routine.

My days are a little slow and lethargic lately, which I wrote about here. I am still working on developing a routine that really gets me fired up and makes me feel really alive. But this is kind of how it goes on a day that I don’t just wake up and go straight to work.

8ish–I wake up and look at my phone and sometimes stay in bed for another hour :/
9ish–jolt out of bed and move to couch. Sometimes I start writing right away, sometimes I just read more blogs.
9:30–make coffee, read blogs, watch a show
11:00–get dressed, do hair, makeup
12:00–sit there in a pile of guilt and doom watching my life pass before my eyes with literally no motivation to do anything worthwhile with my life.
2:00–eat something like chips before work
2:30–get to work just in the nick of time
7:00–get home from work and look at messy house
7:15–put on pajamas and round up every blanket in house
7:30–sit on couch and watch tv until husband comes home
9:00–make something for dinner
10:00–exhausted from socially anxious and depressing life
10:15–lay in bed wide awake for 2 more hours until falling asleep with phone in hand

This is of course only what the day is like if I don’t have plans. Lately I’ve been going with my husband in the morning to his job at a coffee shop on campus at the bible college he attends. That ensures that I wake up early and look like a normal person for the entire day. I usually end up actually completing some errands after that, like grocery shopping and eating. Ya know, adult stuff.

found on wetravelandblog.com

I’m not at all proud of how I spend my free time and have experienced a huge increase in productivity since starting this blog. It’s become a way to give myself a deadline for something and I actually start to work in some household maintenance in between blog posts and reading time.

What are some essentials in your routine?
How did you come up with a daily schedule for yourself that worked?


Here are some of my friends that are writing along to this challenge as well. Please check out what they have to say. And leave some love on their posts!

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If you want to be part of the link up for the 31 Day Blog Challenge just share your link in the comments below. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started or if you’re ahead of me. I’d love to see what you’ve got to say about all these fun questions.

Stay classy,

xoxo Jess


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