31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 11

Good day to you all! I’m currently enjoying the last of my white chocolate almond mocha and sitting next to my husband as he plays some sort of game on his computer. I feel…good today. I feel in the right place at the right time. I woke up early and left with my husband at 7:30 this morning and went grocery shopping. Bright and early. If that’s not productivity at it’s best then I don’t know what is.

Now I’ve finally gotten through my morning “to read” list and I have managed to clear my mind enough to begin my post for you. I have a secret though, I’m not really excited about today’s challenge.

What was the last book you read?

I don’t like writing about the books I read because it really just makes me feel like I’m in school and doing a homework assignment. Ugh, annotated bibliographies and book reviews can suck it.

I really do not like school and do not consider myself to be a very good student. Since I’ve been out of school since May 2013, I’ve just recently begun to read for pleasure again. I think I stopped reading for pleasure right around the same time that I started college. Using my brain is hard sometimes when school makes me so tired.

The first book I read for myself was called The Desire Map. I tell you this because reading this book led to my most recent reading and self-exploration and just a whole mess of great things for my life.

I had heard of The Desire Map a long time ago on Pinterest and had just a vague idea about it. Then I got an invitation on Facebook to join a virtual book club covering the book. So I joined in not really knowing much about it. I ordered the book right away and started digging in. I was part of this virtual community that met over a video conference website and we did the reading assignments and chatted for 2 hours every week.

The book is really a lot to explain in just the one post. It seriously needs its own discussion for which I am not prepared to start at this point in time. But let me tell you, this book changed my life. Not only did it unlock the doors of self-love for me, but it also provided me with the friends I needed at the perfect time. The girls I met through the “book club” are all over the United States, and I’ve only gotten to meet one of them in person, but they are my kindred spirits. We talk almost daily and continue to have book club meetings. We read Daring Greatly by Brene Brown this summer and then started on Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist shortly after that.

So, the book I’m currently reading is Bittersweet but I’m not done with it so I’ll let you know later what I thought. For now, I think The Desire Map may have saved my life. If not, it at least saved my sanity.

I was daily beating myself up for choices I made in an attempt to protect my mental health. I was trapped in the land of “should” and wanted so much to be happy just do things because I WANTED to but had no idea how to just let go.

The Desire Map helped.546a3a408841c9cb610e34c8For the first time in years, I recognize the strength in me to have desire.
Desire is giving me life again.
And my book club girls are some the greatest people I could ask for the live it with.

Books really do bring people together.

When I met Haley from my book club while on my honeymoon
When I met Haley from my book club while on my honeymoon


I’m curious to know about a book that has changed your life? Are you involved in any book clubs? What is the most recent book you’ve read?

Stay classy,

xoxo Jess


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2 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 11

  1. Books that have changed my life:
    The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte 🙂
    The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell
    How to be An Adult in Relationships by David Richo
    Waking by Matthew Sanford – this one was craaayy! 🙂 Loved it.

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