31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 14

Good morning, darlings! I hope your Friday meets you with excitement and a hope filled weekend. I’ll be working most of the weekend :/ But I may not have to work weekends for long because I just got a new job!

This new job seems like a dream come true. Once I have my foot solidly in the door I will give an update. For now, just know that I will no longer be working in retail/be a cashier.

Today’s prompt for the 31 Day Blog Challenge is: What’s on your iPod?

I have only three things in my iTunes on my iPhone right now.

1. Sins are Stones by John Mark McMillan

2. “Wilde Woman” full album by Lucius.

source: Consequence of Sound

3. #GETITRIGHT by Miley Cyrus


Miley is a queen. But, use your discretion 😉

So what I’d like to know is this:

If you had to delete all our iTunes to be able to update your phone, which  three songs would you keep?


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If you want to be part of the link up for the 31 Day Blog Challenge just share your link in the comments below. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started or if you’re ahead of me. It would be so great to add some more bloggers to the link up. I love reading everyone’s answers to these great challenge questions.

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