31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 16

What is my biggest accomplishment?

Sometimes I think answering this question just comes down to this:

I stayed alive.

You need to know that being alive is a great and terribly difficult thing to do sometimes. And if you have managed to be alive this long, you are a hero. You deserve all the praise in the world. 547e0f548841c9cb610e5a3d

I see you opening your mouth to stop me and give your “buts” and to that I hold my hand up to your face and say, “No, it’s hard. So good job.”

You might get stressed out and snap at people.
You might not pay your bills on time all the time because you forget.
Redbox movies might still be sitting on your coffee table because you don’t like leaving the house.
Plans with friends may have been cancelled because you’d rather sleep or watch Netflix.
You might have had to stop going to college even.
Or you might have left a job and moved in with your parents because you just couldn’t deal.

I see you. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like. It feels as though you are the worst living human and you have no business being allowed to be an adult.


You ARE alive. And you can’t NOT be an adult. Whatever is an adult anyway beside just someone of legal age? Why are so many things “adult things” and why do they have to make us feel so awful when we don’t get all of them right all the time?

I’m not good with numbers. I will never be good with numbers. But my husband is. And we are both adults. He just does other “adult things” than me. And we are both alive together.

Sometimes I feel like my aliveness is stretched very thin.

But let me tell you something else. To be able to be stretched to the point of breaking, and NOT breaking is a feat of greatness.

You are great because you have found the ability to stay alive.

I have stayed alive because something in me is stronger than the stretching.547e10088841c9cb610e5a43




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