31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 19

Hi lovelies! I’m in a wonderful mood today. I got to sleep in a bit, had a meeting cancelled, got to do some work at home, had some free time to play with my dog, and now I’m sitting in my local Starbucks with a red cup in hand and preparing to drop a little note to all of you.

So, I’m a little over half-way on this challenge. I’m excited to be finished with it, to be honest. At the same time though, I know that means I’ll have to start thinking up my own topics which I am a little nervous for. I’ve got some ideas about doing some fashion posts, some posts about my wedding including the budget, lifestyle stuff…but I’ve just never written about any of those things on the internet. I really want to be successful and I just don’t like to have to practice at anything. Hmph!

Credit to fabulousfindsbytiffany.com found via optimisticmommy.com
Credit to fabulousfindsbytiffany.com found via optimisticmommy.com

I know one of the best ways to get better at blogging though, is to read lots of other blogs that write about the things you want to write about. Which brings me to day 19 in this challenge.

5 Blogs you read on a regular basis:

1. Danielle LaPorte: She is the author of The Desire Map and The Firestarter Sessions. She is all about self-love, freedom, total goddess power, community between women and living up to your fullest self that exists but might need some drawing out. She preaches hard work, desire, gratitude, and affirmations. You can read my favorite post of hers here.

2. Chatting At The Sky: Emily Freeman is the author. She also contributes to {in}courage. She is a beautiful writer, a lover of authenticity, and calls out the artist in everyone. Not just the painter or the writer, but the living and breathing art that is in each person. She wrote a great book called Million Little Ways that is a must read for anyone wondering if they have anything that matters to offer the world. Every weekend so gives a refreshing post called “For Your Weekend” that always leaves me feeling a little lighter.

3. Babe Vibes. They are still new and don’t have a ton of content yet but everything that has been shared there has sent me off into the world ready to kick the ass of anything that tells me I’m not good enough. THIS POST is basically a peek into the very center of my heart and all things spiritual that I’m going through at the moment.

4. The Christian Girl’s Guide to Divorce. The author is Leslie Spencer and she is freaking amazing. Singer, artist, go get em, fierce, tell you off to your face, real babe right there. Not only is her story amazing, but she’s a great (soon to be published) writer. She and I have even written back and forth and I owe her a lot of my mental well being right now. Plus she curses, which always wins you points in my book.

5. Apartment Therapy. Here is something about me: I LOOOOOOOOVE little living spaces. But they are a struggle. And it really is a thing of beauty to be able to make your home the way you want, with all the things you want/need. I could browse on this site for hours. I’ve already used several ideas from this site to spruce up our tiny apartment. One of them being one of their posts about contact paper.

I hope you each take a little time out of your day to check out one or all of these amazing blogs.

What are some blogs similar to these that you read?
I’m always open for suggestions. And while you’re at it, send me the link of your own blog in the comments! I always check out my readers. 🙂


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