31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 22

Welcome back! I’m not sure if I should be saying that toward you or myself. Sometimes writing is hard. For me, the difficulty isn’t as much finding the time to write and more about choosing to use the time I have to write.

This day’s prompt is: What do you do when you’re home alone?

Well, I’ve got some of the normal “have to do” stuff. I putter around, make coffee, pick up the house a little bit sometimes, entertain my very hyperactive dog.

But I’ve also got a lot of time wasting. I spend a lot of my alone time at home THINKING about getting up and doing something. THINKING about opening up a new window on my web browser and writing a blog. THINKING about taking care of myself and eating regularly.

Why is it that it’s so hard to do the things we want to do? I want to do things that are so normal, mundane, and necessary, but I don’t do them. It’s such a weird cycle.

Is it just extreme laziness? Or is it something bigger? Can it all just be attributed to depression? Is it just that I’m a millennial and hate contributing to society?

Ya know, I really don’t know what it is. But I do know that most of my alone time at home is unproductive and unfulfilling. And then I feel like I wasted my whole day even though I THOUGHT really hard about NOT wasting my day.

Besides just white-knuckling it and forcing yourself to write, how do you motivate yourself?

Does anyone else around here have my same problem?

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