Where have I been? Pt. 1

Well hello, beauties!

I know, I know. It’s been so long. Am I still even blogging? Well, I haven’t been. But I’d like to continue. And I’d love to have you all continue to be patient with me and tune in from time to time.

So I’m sure you’re very curious to know why I’ve been absent so long and why I am choosing now to begin again. Short answer:

I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately. It started getting worse after I got married and continued into the summer. My typical response to anxiety is to cease all creativity because I get really caught up in perfectionism and obsessing which keeps me from actually putting anything out there. So I’m trying to reframe and create even when it’s hard and NOT being too hard on myself. I really want writing to be something that I carry on with in all stages of mental health.

There you have it.

You may be wondering, where have I BEEN this whole time? What HAVE I been doing? Well I’ll tell you:


I quit one of the worst jobs I’ve ever had, which is saying something because I’ve had some really terrible jobs. I visited one of my best friends in Oregon & came back and at the most amazing job I’ve ever had.

Madi & Me before seeing “The Imitation Game”


I celebrated my 24th birthday and had one of the best parties with my very best friends surrounding me. I also bonded deeply with the rest of my coworkers at my first staff meeting and really felt like I belonged. I coordinated all the wedding day details for my former college professor and finished the month off volunteering at Boise’s annual Treefort Music Festival.

Me, Chelsea, Karlee on my favorite birthday so far

The best work family ever – Dutch Bros stand night
Genders – the cutest PDX band @ The Neurolux, Treefort 2015


I took my husband to Jack White’s secret $3 concert at the Egyptian Theater. We had two of only 750 tickets sold in a matter of only an hour or so. Lifetime dream of Connor’s come true.

My lucky wristband!

Our ecstatic faces before seeing Jack White LIVE in concert.


This was mostly a big month for Connor. We celebrated his college graduation AND his 21st birthday. We also made the big decision to move to Nashville, TN. More information about that coming up in my next post! Just days after Connor received his diploma, we moved out of our very first apartment. It was a bittersweet month.

Lady Bird helping us pack

My cutie husband picking out his first cocktail

I could write a whole post on each of these memories, but since I obviously didn’t utilize this space during that time, I’ll skip on that for now. Just know that my heart is in each and every one of these snippets. So much has happened and I am deeply and forever changed. Even MORE happened during the summer. I can’t wait to tell you all!


2 thoughts on “Where have I been? Pt. 1

  1. So happy you had a wonderful couple months and even happier to know you joined back into it! 🙂 Life happens but I love hearing and seeing what people do with their lives. Happy Thursday!

  2. So jealous of you guys getting to see Jack White in concert! He came through our hometown and tickets were gone in ten minutes. It was insane.
    Also, our responses to anxiety are very similar. I really have to force myself to keep up with creative persist when I’m stressed. Which is bonkers, because as soon as I’ve created a thing I always feel a little better. It’s just easier to say, “I don’t have time to take care of me” than it is to make something soul nourishing.
    I’m glad you have decided to create something, even though you’re not 100% feeling it yet. Can’t wait to read more. 🙂

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