Where have I been? Pt. 2

Greetings wonderful beings!

Phew! The last week has been craaaazy. But, WE’RE HERE! We made it safely to our temporary destination in Kentucky. Before I catch you up on all the latest happenings on our move I first want to catch you up on the second half of our summer.

In the last post I left off with Connor’s graduation. Around the same time we were moving out of our very first apartment. Now I’ll catch you up from that point:


Celebrated my first wedding anniversary! And we had our very first fancy weekend getaway/staycation. I watched a lot of “The Bachelor” with my friend Christina, listened to live music in Downtown Boise with Payton and Isaac, and CELEBRATED MARRIAGE EQUALITY IN IDAHO.

My love and Me

The Riverside Inn

Fun couples date with Payton and Isaac


We went to a lot of parties and visited with a lot of people this month. I spent lots of quality time with my “Birdies” from work. Connor and I spent Fourth of July with my best friend Chelsea and her husband, and then finished the evening with my other best friend Karlee who happened to be in town. My family from Oregon visited. We went to baseball games. I reconnected with an old friend whom I hadn’t seen in about 14 years, SAW THE DECEMBERISTS IN CONCERT, and I tuned in for the season finale of Kaitlyn’s season of “The Bachelorette.”

Birdies from Dutch Bros on Kelly’s birthday

A best friend kind of Fourth

Visit from Karlee

Getting our cider on at the Hawks Baseball game

Me with one of my oldest friends, Olivia! All the way from Alaska


This was a month of tying up loose ends, visiting with loved ones, and having as much fun as we possibly could before we left. We spent a lot of time at this amazing bar called Press & Pony, saw more baseball games, at lots of chicken wings, drank lots of beer with friends, and had a mini road trip to see our family and friends on the west coast before we headed east. I religiously watched Bachelor in Paradise with my girl Christina. This was also the month of our goodbyes. This was our month of ‘lasts’, ‘firsts’, ‘gotta do before we can’t’s’.

Boise Hawks!

Beer flight at Crooked Fence Brewery

Us with Madi at Bandon Beach

Sunday tradition with Christina

First time at Barbacoa with the best couple ever

Last coffee at Banducci’s with Karlee

First college roommates, last dinner together

These were some bittersweet memories we built but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. The only part I would change would be how desperately tired I was toward the end. Connor and I were working every day and any time not spent working was dedicated to getting last minute things done before the move and visiting with friends.

I know this only scratches the surface of our last days in Idaho but each one of these pictures could have its own post. In future posts I’d love to go into further detail. My heart holds so many words for each and every person in these photos. I hope you’ll each stick around long enough to give me a chance to speak a few to you.

Until next time,


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