The Big Move: Pt. 1

Today I’ve been on this adventure for roughly a month and a half now. When we first left Idaho, we packed what we could fit in and on top of our car and headed out at 5:00 in the morning. First stop: Colorado Springs, CO! We figured that if we were going to take a road trip we should at least fit one friend in on the way.

A slightly drugged and mostly miffed, roadtrippin’ Lady Bird

I’ve been a member of various online groups and book clubs for the past couple of years and have made some genuine connections with a handful of really wonderful women all across the country. This trip just happened to line up perfectly with being able to meet my friend Laurie. She and her boyfriend hosted us for one amazing night at their super duper cute apartment. We unloaded our cat and headed in for the home-cooked meal and beers awaiting us. It’s not often that you meet someone after only knowing them through technology and they end up exactly as you hoped they would be. When we woke up and walked to Laurie’s favorite local coffee shop the next morning, it felt just like we had been friends for a lifetime and we just picked up chatting where we had left off on our last hypothetical coffee date.

Not my best photo, but totally road lagged(?) and blissed out from meeting this gal

After our whirlwind stay with Laurie and Kevin, we headed back out onto the road, and this time to Kansas City, MO. We arrived late in the evening and just went straight to our hotel, kitty in tow. We had just enough time to relax and watch a little tv before bed. The next morning had only one thing on the agenda before beginning the last leg of our journey. We need COFFEE. Shortly before our trip I had met up with my friend Stacey and she had gifted us with some giftcards to use on our trip. One of them happened to be a Starbucks card so we gladly used that. Unfortunately they hadn’t released their fall drinks yet, so I had to settle for a caramel macchiato instead of my salted caramel white chocolate mocha.

Just 8 short hours later we arrived at our destination, Hopkinsville, KY. Now, this was not our ultimate destination, but rather our temporary homestead while we searched for our own apartment in Nashville. We were welcomed by Connor’s mom and little brother and their dog Kamiah. Inside there were two cats as well, but they didn’t really care all the much about us.

While this ended up being just a short stopover on our way to having our own apartment, it felt so good to unpack our things and start learning how to call a new place ‘home’.

To be continued…

XoXo, Jess

photo via city farmhouse
photo via city farmhouse

P.S. A BIG BIG thanks to my Impractical Dreamers girls for encouraging me to write something today. Thank you ladies!

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