I Need an Adjustment

Well, well, well….

It’s been a little over 6 months since I’ve written so I guess I’m right on schedule for this post. Eh?

It is amazing how much and also how little has changed in this time. We have changed jobs, roommates, homes, cars, friends…yet I am still stuck in many of the same ways I was. It’s funny how long you can carry you ISH with you.

This place doesn’t feel like home yet, if you were thinking of asking.

The ever persistent plague of anxiety and depression is familiar enough but just uncomfortable enough to keep me from feeling rooted wherever I may go.

So this last year of life has just been about learning to adjust. Constantly adjusting inside and out. My way of thinking, my view of the south, my expectations for behavior (mine and others), my home and belongings, my own personal look. Man, it’s been a ride y’all.

I know this doesn’t really count as an update, but I do intend on stretching my writing muscles and using this beautiful space. If not for my approximately 5 readers, but just so that I know I’m not wasting the internet’s best domain name.

Love from Nashville,


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