31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 26

Mmmmm, this question comes at just the right time.

Today it was raining off and on over the already frozen ground that is Idaho in the winter. Freezing rain, y’all.

But you know what’s best during freezing rain? Soup.

Today’s prompt asks, “What is your favorite food?”

And today I’ll tell you my favorite food is the meal I make for my husband and I while we curl up on the couch and watch A Young Doctor’s Notebook and wait out this dreadful weather.

The only thing on tonight’s menu was soup, but it was a delicious one.

Tomato Basil Soup with Three Cheese Tortellini.

I forgot to take a picture of it before my husband so kindly put it all away for our lunches tomorrow. But the original recipe I started using is from Rachel Schultz on A Household Almanac.

Photo found on A Household Almanac

I, of course, have modified it. Not to make it any better, but to satisfy my laziness. I didn’t measure anything. I made a giant pot of this to make sure we’d have lots of leftovers.

Here’s how I did it:

2 packages of Bertolli Tortellini cooked al dente.

2 16oz cans of tomato sauce
About 4 cups of vegetable broth
Heavy Cream – a splash? Just enough to make it the color I wanted.
A BUNCH of pepper and Basil
Approximately 1 TSP of Garlic Salt

Hubby approved and so did my tummy. I’m in love with this meal almost as I am in love with him ❤

What’s your favorite food?
What’s your favorite thing to cook on a cold day?

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 25

Today’s prompt is actually a perfect way for me to give you a little update on what my life is like.

“Describe your location.”

On Christmas day, my husband and I got on a plane and flew to northern Minnesota to meet up with his parents and little brother to visit his grandparents. His aunt, uncle, and cousins also live here in Grand Rapids.

So at the moment, 5 whole days later I am sitting in the giant library in town and typing this post. To my left I can see the river with steam rising up from it, snowy banks with golden weeds sticking up, and gnarled trees with street lamps in between.

In front of me is a magazine rack where I can see Bradley Cooper’s shoulder, Sienna Miller’s glowing face, and plenty of popular science and housekeeping covers.

The ceiling is tall with uncovered beams of yellowish wood, and a far right wall of dark, purple-like bricks.

Today I feel productive, unbothered, and at home.

I am on this weird little adventure in Tiny Town, MN with my wonderful husband and his family that loves me. I am not home, but I am looking forward to mine.

I’m surrounded by books that I’ve never heard of, pointing me toward a future I’m unfamiliar with; old books that contain my dearest friends, literary classics that house the framework for society, and non-fiction by some of the worlds greatest teachers.

I have the world at my fingertips.
I am both small and large.
I am filling up this space and looking for more.

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 24

Well look at this….I’m back again and only within a matter of days. I didn’t wait an entire week or more. Crazy right? I definitely haven’t solidified any of my goals for the New Year yet but I’d really love to be true to my word and write a new post at least once a week. Not just for any of you who read my posts, but just to prove to myself that I can build a habit that is creative and takes work. Maybe one day I’ll be reminding myself to watch Netflix instead of writing a blog post.

Now today I just want to keep this post light. My husband and I are visiting his family in northern Minnesota right now for the holidays and all the running around and visiting has got me a little worn down. So keeping the topic light will help ensure that I actually get this post finished.

You probably won’t see any poignant New Year’s posts from me this year. It would probably be a smart move on my part, but right now my focus is on progress and not perfection.

So my prompt today (nearing the end of my challenge finally) is “what is your most embarrassing moment?”

Well, I surely don’t know about most embarrassing. I’ve put my foot in my mouth lots and lots of times and been completely mortified, but usually it comes along with me having said something rude and the feeling of embarrassment is accompanied with feeling guilty and shameful. But I do have an embarrassing moment relating to…dun dun dun…a boy.

As I’ve mentioned before, I went to a bible college. There’s a saying around most bible colleges that is some form of “Ring by Spring.” It is almost a hobby to hunt for a spouse. I fell into this trap more than a few times at the beginning of my college career and was all about trying to be as cute as possible so that a potential husband would see me and want to make me his bride. At this particular point, I had my eye set on one of the most wanted bachelors at school? Why? I have no idea. I definitely wasn’t even close to his type at all. BUT he was the nicest guy and actually pretended to pay me some attention. He even drove me home a few times when I loudly cleared my throat and said, “my, it’s cold outside and pretty dark. Walking home alone would suuuuure be scary!”

Well, on one of these rides home when I asked him what he liked to do for fun he told me he loved playing hockey. Me, hating hockey said, “Oh my gosh, I LOVE hockey.” He took the bait and invited me to come to a game with him…someday. When he could get a group of people to go with him. I went home and thought I might actually have a chance with this guy and my roommate helped me pick an outfit for the next day when I would be handing him an invitation to our Christmas party. I went to bed with butterflies and pipe dreams.

The next day during one of my breaks between classes, I didn’t waste any time. I went right up to him in front of his friends and leaned up against the wall all calm, cool, and collected style. I said,

“hey, do you have any plans this weekend?”

and he said, “Oh HEY Jess! Nice mustard sweater!”

And then I said, which cheeks burning at the food related compliment, “Oh hey. Well, um..have a nice day. See ya!”

I was so embarrassed that I had spent time so carefully curating my outfit to please him and the first thing he though what that my sweater reminded him of a condiment, that I didn’t even invite him to my party!

My roommates and I all had a good laugh about it later and decided our sense of style was just too fashion forward for the simpleminded people at our bible college.

An update about the party: He ended up coming anyway at the invitation of one of our very boy crazy and emotionally unstable roommates that we are no longer in contact with. She actually used the words “man hunt” at one point in regards to her reasoning for inviting who she named “the most eligible bachelors in Christianity”. Ugh.

So glad I managed to hook myself a man somehow.


31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 23

Credit to fabulousfindsbytiffany.com found via optimisticmommy.com
Credit to fabulousfindsbytiffany.com found via optimisticmommy.com

Day 22, ya’ll.

This blog is my hobby.

This process has been a slow crawl. I lost my steam pretty quickly.

When hobbies become hard I tend to duck out. I don’t give as much care, and it begins shriveling up. It scares me. Not the fear of people reading or not reading, no that doesn’t scare me.

The fear of investing time into something that wasn’t meant for me? If that makes sense. I love it. But it doesn’t come easy. It’s haaaard. And it doesn’t always come out pretty.

I don’t like picking hobbies that anyone else does because I fall victim to the comparison trap every damn time.

So I guess my hobby currently is running away from things. If you haven’t noticed, I can be quite the wimp.

But here’s to one more day of typing away. Just one more.

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 22

Welcome back! I’m not sure if I should be saying that toward you or myself. Sometimes writing is hard. For me, the difficulty isn’t as much finding the time to write and more about choosing to use the time I have to write.

This day’s prompt is: What do you do when you’re home alone?

Well, I’ve got some of the normal “have to do” stuff. I putter around, make coffee, pick up the house a little bit sometimes, entertain my very hyperactive dog.

But I’ve also got a lot of time wasting. I spend a lot of my alone time at home THINKING about getting up and doing something. THINKING about opening up a new window on my web browser and writing a blog. THINKING about taking care of myself and eating regularly.

Why is it that it’s so hard to do the things we want to do? I want to do things that are so normal, mundane, and necessary, but I don’t do them. It’s such a weird cycle.

Is it just extreme laziness? Or is it something bigger? Can it all just be attributed to depression? Is it just that I’m a millennial and hate contributing to society?

Ya know, I really don’t know what it is. But I do know that most of my alone time at home is unproductive and unfulfilling. And then I feel like I wasted my whole day even though I THOUGHT really hard about NOT wasting my day.

Besides just white-knuckling it and forcing yourself to write, how do you motivate yourself?

Does anyone else around here have my same problem?

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 21

Well hello friends. My how this season has gotten away from me. I have purchased 3 gifts for people. That’s actually a great start for me because I am usually soooooo late at Christmas presents. The kind of late that it turns into January, then February, and then I eventually give people their Christmas presents on their birthdays because it’s just that late. And they never end up getting anything for Christmas.

I love getting gifts for people. It’s hard to tell because I don’t do it a whole lot, but I do really enjoy it. What usually stops me is money and time. I know that I don’t have to BUY gifts, but then that means I have to make something. Which is also satisfying and thoughtful, but then I need the time to do it. And it takes time to think something up too. BUT it also takes money to buy the necessary supplies. So….time and money either way. That doesn’t even include the time takes so shop for all the things, to wrap, and to mail if necessary. I HATE going to the post office. It honestly intimidates me and I don’t really know how to do anything there.

So, I don’t do gifts as often as I’d like to.

This kind of segues into today’s topic: What’s your biggest fear?

This not having time to buy presents thing isn’t just about not having free time. It’s about over-thinking the process and being indecisive and insecure about my ability to choose something my gift recipient will like.

And this scares me because I worry I will let opportunities to do good things for people or to have fun pass me by because of not allowing myself to just take a chance.

I have this thought of “life is getting away from me” quite often. And instead of just jumping in and catching up to it, I usually just sit down and feel overwhelmed.

I’m afraid I ruin my own chances of having a fulfilled life by worrying. And that worries me. Hahaha.


Tomorrow, I’m just gonna do something. When I think about it and it sounds like something I need to do or want to do, I’m just gonna do it.

Then I’m going to update you all with what I did.

What’s something you can say yes to this week?

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 20

Good morning sweet things! I hope your Friday went smoothly and you are ready to embrace the rest of your weekend. I’ve still got a lot of work ahead of me but I’m still hoping to squeeze in some Netflix and web time.

Before I move on to writing about today’s prompt, I’d like to ask a question.

Do any of you have experience with blog scheduling? If so, what are some calendars or methods you use? I’d love to be able to use an app or a digital form of some sort because I know I’ll lose a print out. Let me know in the comments. I’d love all the advice you have.

Now. Day 20…just a little late in the day…What do you collect?

I guess I unintentionally collect mugs. I didn’t set out to collect them, I just love them and there are so many good ones in the world that I just have to keep owning them. Here are a few of my favorites:

aaaaand a throwback of me and my cute husband with our cute mugs and our cute sweaters at a super cute hot cocoa party that my best friend hosted last Christmas.

What do you collect? Is it sentimental or just coincidental? Anything embarrassing?