31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 25

Today’s prompt is actually a perfect way for me to give you a little update on what my life is like.

“Describe your location.”

On Christmas day, my husband and I got on a plane and flew to northern Minnesota to meet up with his parents and little brother to visit his grandparents. His aunt, uncle, and cousins also live here in Grand Rapids.

So at the moment, 5 whole days later I am sitting in the giant library in town and typing this post. To my left I can see the river with steam rising up from it, snowy banks with golden weeds sticking up, and gnarled trees with street lamps in between.

In front of me is a magazine rack where I can see Bradley Cooper’s shoulder, Sienna Miller’s glowing face, and plenty of popular science and housekeeping covers.

The ceiling is tall with uncovered beams of yellowish wood, and a far right wall of dark, purple-like bricks.

Today I feel productive, unbothered, and at home.

I am on this weird little adventure in Tiny Town, MN with my wonderful husband and his family that loves me. I am not home, but I am looking forward to mine.

I’m surrounded by books that I’ve never heard of, pointing me toward a future I’m unfamiliar with; old books that contain my dearest friends, literary classics that house the framework for society, and non-fiction by some of the worlds greatest teachers.

I have the world at my fingertips.
I am both small and large.
I am filling up this space and looking for more.